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Velika Loka 10a, 8212 Velika Loka, SI

Opening times:

Mon – Sat: 7:30 – 22:00 | Sun: 8:00 – 22:00


Coffee shop 5KA - Velika Loka

Our coffee shop 5KA opened its doors on 27/05/2022 and attracted a lot of interest right from the start. We offer great coffee and snacks, and also make our own ice cream and certified gluten-free products.

We also offer delicious desserts and cocktails.

From the beginning, we’ve tried to be different, that is why we are keep improving and expanding our offer on a weekly basis.

We are located in Velika Loka in the Dolenjska region of Slovenia, 45 km from Ljubljana and less than 30 km from Novo mesto. The coffee shop is located in a new building in the middle of a pleasant village.

Our main goal is to provide a top quality offer and attract customers who will return regularly.

In addition to the coffee shop, we have also arranged accommodation for those who would like to take a break during their journey around Slovenia. That’s why we’ve prepared two apartments on the top floor of our building.

We can also offer the option of renting the meeting room, for corporate events, team building, birthday parties, business meetings…..

We invite you to check our offer and visit us so that we can serve you great coffee, homemade ice cream and desserts in our cosy atmosphere!

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